About Inndi - The little brother of Synolos

inndi, is the buying and selling website and little brother of the Social Enterprise Synolos, which gives a new alternative to online buying.  

Selling on inndi
Selling on inndi will be as easy as selling on other such platforms. You will be able to take card payments, track stock and have full control of product details.
Another benefit of inndi is that there are no upfront selling fees - you simply add your product and wait for it to sell. Only then do you pay a fee - risk-free selling.

Charity or Social Enterprise User:
As a Charity or Social Enterprise, you will be able to spread your brand/cause awareness while selling items that generate income for primary services. You will also enjoy the benefits of knowing that any commission Synolos/inndi makes will go back into supporting our core social objectives, which is so much nicer than big, profit-driven corporates.

Business User:
Businesses will be able to sell products on inndi, which can increase sales – however, what is great is that by selling on inndi, each business is able to increase its own social footprint and, in doing so, sell the concept that they are doing good for the community.

Individuals and hobbyists Users:
Individual and hobbyist users will be able to sell items in any of our categories and within our inndi USED Marketplace.

The human element:
It is important not to lose sight of what inndi is for. All profits from sales and commissions go towards giving young people from disadvantaged backgrounds help in reaching their potential. inndi helps young people struggling within education, and with mental health barriers.

Please support this site. Let’s build a hub of social buying and selling. Let’s create a superpower of change and hope.

Founded in 2010 by Barry Ingleton, Synolos is an award winning Social Enterprise (CIC) organisation based in West Oxfordshire that helps individuals identify and fulfil their potential.

Our Purpose
At Synolos we believe that every person has the potential to live a successful life. Unfortunately, we are not all given the same opportunities to identify and fulfil that potential. Our purpose is to work with individuals to not only identify their strengths, but to help carry them through into a practical setting. To fulfil this purpose, we have various approaches at our disposal that we can offer, depending on the needs of the individual.

Our goal for all those we work with is to help guide them into employment, self-employment, voluntary work or further training. Our aim is a simple one, but of paramount importance. By creating relevant opportunities that help people identify their strengths, we help them to improve their lives and build the future that they aspire to.
We Work With Individuals:
With learning difficulties and autism
Who are NEET (Not in Education, Training or Employment)
With low or no qualifications
Struggling at school in years 7-11
Who are young and unemployed
Struggling with mental health issues
Who are long-term unemployed, aged 24 – 50+
On long term sick/leave, who are seeking to get closer to employment