£80k in 80 days - Supporting young people with mental health and getting closer to employment


We are seeking to raise £80k in 80 days so we can support 16-24 year old back to work or/and dealing with a mental health struggle due to the Coronavirus lockdown.

It is clear that over the months to come the fall out from the Covid-19 lockdown and difficulties will hit the young hard. Young people will have lost their jobs or will find it hard to get one. On top of this an increased level of mental health struggles among young people could have a long term impact. It is important that we act now and create opportunities that we help young people build and live empowering lives.

What will we do

Over the next year we will create clubs, groups and activities that will help individuals get closer to work and improve their mental health journey.

Our stats show you that we are very good at what we do.

What we will do with the funding

Over the next year we will create clubs, groups and activities that will help individuals get closer to work and improve their mental health journey. We will aim this offer at those who:

  • Have never had a job and worried about finding one
  • Those who have lost their job
  • Those that are struggling with a mental health issue and lost their way
  • Those that want to upskill their basic skills
  • Those that a leaving school and have no direction

We will create:

Clubs for those who need human interaction, struggling with isolation. They will be social in nature but designed to build confidence and the ability to move to the next stage of their journey toward employment.

Groups will be aimed at those who want to upskill, say have a taste of a trade or brush up on English and Maths

Activities will be aimed at those who are ready for employment, but do not have many work based skill, we will create back to work placements in house to build experiences, CV and job prep and show individuals how to apply for job and maintain work. These activities will be tailored to the individual's skills levels and experiences.

£80k budget

Each donation or grant will be divided up in the following way:

Clubs – 10%

Groups - £20%

Activities – 70%

About Synolos

Founded in 2010 by Barry Ingleton, Synolos is an award winning Social Enterprise (CIC) organisation based in West Oxfordshire that helps individuals identify and fulfil their potential.

Our Purpose
At Synolos we believe that every person has the potential to live a successful life. Unfortunately, we are not all given the same opportunities to identify and fulfil that potential. Our purpose is to work with individuals to not only identify their strengths, but to help carry them through into a practical setting. To fulfil this purpose, we have various approaches at our disposal that we can offer, depending on the needs of the individual.

Our goal for all those we work with is to help guide them into employment, self-employment, voluntary work or further training. Our aim is a simple one, but of paramount importance. By creating relevant opportunities that help people identify their strengths, we help them to improve their lives and build the future that they aspire to.
We Work With Individuals:
    • With learning difficulties and autism
    • Who are NEET (Not in Education, Training or Employment)
    • With low or no qualifications
    • Struggling at school in years 7-11
    • Who are young and unemployed
    • Struggling with mental health issues
    • Who are long-term unemployed, aged 24 – 50+
    • On long term sick/leave, who are seeking to get closer to employment

The Four Corners of Community
Synolos calls on all corners of the community to create a model of operations and a unique funding model that will creates sustainability for the long term and make lasting difference. We look to build funding streams, awareness but also we seek the thoughts and engagement of the local community to identify fill gaps in provision and for the community to be an active part in the building of such an offer, community being these 4 corners as identified:
  1. Statutory services
  2. Third Sector operators and funders
  3. The Business Community
  4. Local Individuals/ Community groups.

Synolos is built on the foundation of what we call our 3 Elements 2 Success, each person we work with need different developments and these three element cover most needs, they are:
These elements are:
  1. Training - www.synolos-Training.co.uk
  2. Social Enterprise - www.inndi.co.uk
  3. Wellbeing -  www.Community-Wellbeing.org – New Website launched March 2020

All three element work together with The 4 Corner of Community under the Synolos Brand ( www.synolos.org ) and help the most vulnerable within West Oxfordshire and further afield to build a future and live empowering lives.

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