Insect home - A home for bug


This inndi bug home is handmake in Oxfordshire and is an excellent addition to a garden that has environmental impact benefits 

  • Size H 15 W 15cm

General information:

  • Fully assembled
  • Main Material: softwood

 RRP: £15

Bee numbers have been declining at an alarming rate in recent years and it’s more important than ever for us to make sure our gardens are bee-friendly.  

Bees, wasps and hoverflies are just few of the broader names, of the many similar insects which inhabit our outdoor spaces. They’re all important pollinators and all have different characteristics, needs and conditions we can help with when it comes to gardening.

One great designed homes for bugs are simple in desing and use! They’re made of recycled material and easy to hang.

Bug boxes provide snug, safe places for insects to hibernate. Full of dark nooks and crannies and different structures, they’re great fun to build and brilliantly replicate the kind of features lots of minibeasts and other animals look for in our gardens.

They are especially good for lacewings and ladybirds. These two species are very important in the garden as lacewing larvae and adult ladybirds and larvae consume insect pests. They avidly devour aphids!


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