Insect Home - Bug box


Insect Home - Bug Box 

This handcrafted bug box is the perfect house for insects and bugs in your garden. Handmade in house at Synolos from a softwood these boxes have massive benefits to the environment. 

With the number of Bee's declining at an alarming rate in recent years and it’s more important than ever for us to make sure our gardens are bee-friendly.  Bugs Bee's and insects are all important for the pollination of your garden..

Our homes for bugs, simple in design they are easy to hang and use!

Bug boxes provide snug, safe places for insects to hibernate. Full of dark nooks and crannies and different structures, they brilliantly replicate the kind of features lots of mini beasts and other animals look for in our gardens.

The impact on the natural habitats that surround you make bug boxes an excellent and essential addition to your garden.

Dimensions:  H =16.5cm  W = 16.5cm  D = 6cm



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