Donate and help reducing anti-social behaviour in Witney and West Oxfordshire

We are pleased to let you know that Synolos has launched its new two-year Profits Making Change initiative, with a focus on Young People & Communities. Our aim for Witney and West Oxfordshire is to help maintain positive and engaging environments and reduce antisocial behaviour.

What will we do, and how?
We will be using our new Social Enterprise Website (  and aim to generate £125k in sales - which will mean £63k of profit. With this profit we will be able to introduce the following initiatives:  
  • Engage with young people within Witney & West Oxfordshire who are at risk of antisocial behaviour within local communal spaces
  • Support young people to become positive members of the local community
  • Create meaningful long-term solutions to support those at risk of long-term social disengagement and unemployment
To achieve the above outcomes for young people, we will offer the following types of engagements:
Outreach – Street-to-street engagement
Mental health support – Support workshops 
Employment workshops – Back-to-work support
Training and Education workshops
This first Profits Making Change 2019-20 - Young People & Communities Initiative aims to support young people in playing a positive part within the communities of Witney and West Oxfordshire with a core aim of reducing Anti-Social Behaviour.
The following sales targets will allow us to do the following:

£3k profit allows us to deliver:
50 hours - Outreach – Street-to-street engagement
7 hours - Mental health support – Support workshops  
7 hours - Employments workshops – Back-to-work support
7 hours - Training and Education workshops
Once we reaching the sales target of £6000 we will start the above programmes and build from there.
£60k profit allows us to deliver:
1100 hours - Outreach – Street-to-street engagement
250 hours - Mental health support – Support workshops  
250 hours - Employments workshops – Back-to-work support
250 hours - Training and Education workshops
For this to be successful, and to make real positive change within Witney and West Oxfordshire, we are looking for support from all areas of the community, including:
  • Local businesses
  • Charity, third sector and schools
  • Church and faith groups
  • Local individuals and groups
Can you help? We are looking for:
  • Individuals to forward our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram posts and emails, and promote our website within your networks
  • Individuals who can create awareness of our cause and products
  • Individuals or commercial outlets who can sell our products
  • Individuals who are social media savvy and able to bring awareness online
  • Individuals willing to leaflet drop
Within the next week, we will be launching our first product. There will be new product launches every four weeks.

It is also important to note that currently has over 700 products within its inventory for you to browse and purchase.
We look forward to your support.

Transparency notice  is the little trading brother of the West Oxfordshire based Social  Enterprise Synolos CIC (07757076)  - Please Note: We make or wholesale buy every product we sell. We operate like any other business but we exist to benefit the local community in everything we do.  For every £1 of income, 50% will be the initial purchase or construction cost then reinvested to create further products.  The remaining 50% goes towards creating the provision that supports Witney and West Oxfordshire.

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