Iroko Phone Stand


Iroko Phone Stand

This phone stand makes an ideal gift for anyone with a Smartphone. It can be used in the office, home and on the move making it a practical and fun item for the whole family.

This phone stand is handcrafted by our trainees in our Synolos workshop. Constructed using IROKO timber and finished with coats of oil to enhance the grain and bring out the natural beauty of the timber and veneer. The stand is small, easy to store and can be used in many different situations.

There also the option of having a green felted base for added slip resistance and surface protection.

Dimensions: L= 8.5cm W= 6.5cm H= 2cm

Groove size- L = 6.5cm   H = 1cm 

Suitable for most Smartphones, iphones, iPad and Android Tablets. Some devices with cases may be too big depending on device and case size. Please check dimensions before purchasing.

Please note:-  Dimensions may differ slightly from those shown above.


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